One lap – India founded, a newly-formed company aims to offer an asset management solution through their simple to use mobile application

We all know that GPS plays an important role in our daily lives. If we’ve placed an order for food, we can track its location any time we’d like. In addition to food, it’s creative for personal vehicles and other industries. This is the idea that led to One lap Telematics ‘ birth. The term “tracking” can trigger negative images to our minds such as police tracing the criminal, recording calls and more. However, One lap is a GPS tracker created to serve different purposes.

Our goal was to offer security to private vehicles, transport vehicles, and other vehicles. It was founded within Delhi, India, One lap was created to make the society “safer, happier, and more productive.” In addition to from India One lap also offers its services in Sudan, Qatar, and Zimbabwe too.

The Start

Being working in sales for the past year, the most important issues for One lap is tracking and managing the expansion of their sales force and working with well-known brands such as Concox, Benway, Coban etc.. Our customers are from four different countries. We may find it difficult to manage sales teams with diverse backgrounds and cultures additional resources. We launched One lap to monitor employee performance and to provide direction.

As we were able to come up with the idea of developing an app, it was simpler to create the application. When the product was finished, it was time to move on to selecting the top experts available to select the most suitable product for your customer.

Building Product

One lap is an app-to-app and also an established app-to-web platform that will offer tailored solutions to businesses logistic, financial, and other services. We give a brief overview of the resources available to one’s family or friends and to get”detailed reports and investigations, we have the web version.

One lap does more than simply tracking down the location of the person and can also help to gather valuable data that will help you strategize organizing, planning, and managing and also to reevaluate what you’re doing during your day-to-day activities.

Perhaps, for instance, you’re tracking a toddler’s school bus, or designing your work environment teams’ best to achieve higher elevation, securing your vehicle from the theft and abuse of motorists, and even sharing geotagged images and selfies with your friends or via social networks.

The program runs continuously We use IoT to ensure that all data and information of users is authenticated in real-time. Every advice we send is confirmed to mobiles, browsers and emails. This includes push reports feeds, notifications, and updates using simple textual information and infographics that are suitable for daily consumption. We gain the benefit.

The Product

One lap can be used to create the commission-based option for certain B2B interactions. It is possible to get the majority of our investment from the client in some years via sales.

There are startups like SafeinCity Axilor Ventures’-backed Purnatva as well as Leaf Wearables from the Marketplace. However, Vikram claims that the Onelap’s focus One lap is more focused on understanding and addressing the different needs and requirements of the user.

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