Sun Laboratories is the clear answer for achieving that healthy and glowing skin that people all desire.

Many of us crave sunlight tanned glow, but shun the damaging rays of the sun. For people, there’s the self-tanning kit. These kits include everything an individual requires to attain the look of several hours lazing on a tropical beach. The kit contains an exfoliating scrub to make use of when you self-tan. This ensures that the dead skin is removed and your skin is at its best to apply the self-tanner. A mitt is included to apply the tanning lotion. This really is so the hands aren’t confronted with the tanning lotion. There is also a maintenance lotion. This can help your tan last longer. In addition it makes your skin look its best. There are numerous kits to choice from and each come highly recommended. They vary in shades. You could have a black tan, or an ultra-dark tan. You decide.

Sun Laboratories has a very rated airbrush tanner. Their kit for that is also very complete. It comes with everything that you need to airbrush a black rich tan on the go. You obtain 8 ounces of the tanning solution, exfoliator and maintenance lotion along with the Handy Tan Air Brush Sprayer. It has been featured and reviewed on shop-at-home television networks. They have numerous other products for the sun needs if you’re out in the sun.

They give a beautiful sun screen with glitter. It is non-greasy. Both of these are selling points for many sun gods and goddess out there. sunless tanning face lotion They do provide a non-glitter option if that isn’t your thing. They give after sun care along with a top balm, because every sun worshiper wants to have soft kissable lips after a day in the sun.

Sun Laboratories has been around for over 25 years. They continue to provide individuals with professional tanning results. They give a safe alternative for the harmful UV rays of sunlight and still have that warm golden look of sun-kissed skin. The merchandise are designed in the United States in California, and shipped worldwide to a well satisfied clientele.

Many of their products contain 100 % natural ingredients and botanicals that benefit the skin. To have a healthy tan, you’ve to begin with healthy skin. The exfoliating and the maintenance products help supply a truly well rounded product line. They give all that you need for beautiful skin.

If you would like protection from the suns damaging rays, or if you intend to appear deeply tanned in an hour, Sun Laboratories has the clear answer for the needs. All provide in kits offering all that you need for that application. From prep, to tanning, to maintenance, Sun Laboratories offers the answer. See our full selection of Sun Laboratories.

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