Dan O'Neill Art Director Dublin


A collection of my work for TG4

An Bronntanas

A press ad for TG4's homegrown Irish drama, where a small, dwindling fishing village finds €1,000,000 worth of hash, in a boat off the coast. They decide to sell it to some gangsters to save the village leading to some very bad things indeed. It's like Breaking Bass!

CREDITS: Art Director, Dan O'Neill   /   Copywriter, Rachel Carrey    /   Photography, Leo Byrne   /   Set Design, Ciara O'Donovan

Anamnocht Series

TG4's Anamnocht Documentary series, print campaign. Anamnocht means soul revealing, the show tells usual but true stories from Ireland's history. The press ads we're designed to entice the viewer to find out more. The ads won a NNI press ad of the month. 

FUN FACT: I'm the tennis player and Paddy Don Patricio is the copywriter.

CREDITS: Art Director, Dan O'Neill   /   Copywriter, Kris Clarkin    /   Retoucher, Barry Smith


Call of the 3rd Reich

A concept poster for a documentary on how Nazi propganda influenced Ireland.