Looking for a taxi in Toronto can be expensive and sometimes even hard to find. Here is a guide on what you can do after getting down from your flight at the Toronto Pearson International airport.

After getting down at the airport, you have the option of choosing a link train to go to a different terminal. You will most likely land in Terminal 1 unless you are flying in a SkyTeam or OneWorld airlines in which case you would be landing in Terminal 3.

How to catch a Toronto airport limo after landing?

First of all, you need to ensure that you clear the Canadian Inspection Services which you would be required to d party buscar service o once you land at the airport. You should fill out the forms while in the plane itself to avoid delays.

The best idea is to book your limo from before. When hiring a limo, there might be a question of availability. An airport limo can often be difficult to find. This is a reason you need to book a limo service from before. Call up the company before boarding your flight and let them know the expected arrival time of your flight at the Toronto Pearson International airport.

Did you know that the Pearson Airport actually handles more than 1, 200 departures and arrivals each day?

Hiring your airport limo for business

When you get out from the airport, you may want to relax a bit. A Toronto airport limo service can work wonders here. You can even make the airport limo wait for you. The Terminal 1 has space for around 9, 000 vehicles today. Terminal 3 has space for 2, 678 public vehicles. Your limo can surely find a parking space.

You need to search around for three or four good limo taxi providers to get one that is affordable and offers the service you need. Remember to ask your friends and do a little bit of searching about the company reviews of that particular limo service. If you are a business executive, you may need to hire a Toronto limo service as you wouldn’t really want to waste your time.

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