The institution uniform of girls attending private, usually religious schools was once designed to function as paragon of modesty and decorum. They were designed to ensure every girl in the institution looked the same, aside from social status (although most girls in private schools were quite wealthy) and prevented school from becoming a fashion show. At the same time, they kept girls well covered and wearing the thing that was deemed to be appropriate clothing.

So just how did the institution girl costume go from modest to daring? How did it make the leap from an outfit meant to cover up to an outfit designed to titillate? Although the fascination with the institution girl uniform started years before, we have Britney Spears to thank for which makes it widely popular. 은꼴 The video on her 1998 hit Baby One More Time featured Spears and backup dancers in revealing girl inspired costumes that had men all over the world salivating and caused a storm of controversy.

But Spears didn’t start the fire – she just took the torch and ran with it. There has always been something secretly sexy about a college girl costume. It’s the classic old story of innocence, youth and beauty combining to generate something unintentionally attractive. Teenage girls on the cusp of adulthood, raging hormones, and obviously an outfit that just lends itself to sexy new versions – it had been merely a matter of time.

Today the institution girl costume is a bona fide fetish, and certainly one of the most popular costumes not only at Halloween, however for adult events all year round. Although controversy surrounds it, anyone will show you it certainly isn’t about young girls – it’s by what lurks beneath the surface of an innocent and modest exterior. Every woman understands what it’s like to help keep her true self hidden – and your ex costume is focused on letting the wild side out and celebrating womanhood.

If it was Britney or something long before she came along, many individuals have now been inspired by the sexy school costume, and there are so many costumes on the market that it could be worn in a hundred different ways. But obviously all of them surround the same theme – the good girl gone bad, the inner wild child unleashed. What could possibly be sexier? Very little, and the popularity of school girl costumes attests to that.

From humble beginnings, the institution girl costume has reached the pinnacle of popularity for sexy costumes – it could well be the most popular choice on the market today. There is undoubtedly it includes a universal appeal that’s here to stay.

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