What Gaming Keyboard Does Ninja Use in 2021[Updated Gear List]

If you are a gaming freak then you must have heard Ninja’s Name for sure. He is one of the biggest fortnite players and streamers across the world and has around 16.5 million subscribers on the twitch platform. Everyone out there in the gaming community wants to know that what keyboard does ninja use to enjoy the best gaming experience. A Gaming keyboard is quite similar to a regular keyboard but it has some extra features and provides more comfort while playing long game sessions to make it easier to play royal battle games such as Fortnite. In a nutshell, we can conclude that there are several advantages of a gaming laptop that gamers can enjoy. Hence, In this article, we will discuss what the keyboard does ninja use?Ninja's Gaming Keyboard

Know About Ninja’s Gaming Setup

Ninja has been playing competitive games for many years now and has become one of the greeted fortnite players in the gaming community. Ninja has his own gaming room which is a built-in partnership with Redbull. As he streams from his gaming room only,  we are able to determine what kind of hardware does Ninja use while gaming royale Battle or First Person Shooting games. Now let us have a look at What kind of keyboard Does Ninja use while gaming.

What Keyboard Does Ninja Use?

Ninja is currently using one of the best keyboards available right now, which is Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2 Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is designed with a well-versed high aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame which can offer an amazing experience while playing long-time sessions. Along with this, It also had Led at the back panel based on RGB profile which can be customized according to your requirement. Corsair K70 Is a corded keyboard that offers no Input delay issues, which is quite important if you are playing competitive games. What Keyboard Does Ninja Use?

Every element and feature of this keyboard is according to enhance the gaming experience. The keys of this keyboard are built with German-made CHERRY MX key switches that are quite efficient and effective while gaming. It offers better reliability and greater accuracy. If you have been using a regular keyboard and recently shifted to this then you are going to experience a great change. Along with this, this keyboard is best suited for first-person Shooting games and MOBA games as it offers great response time which quite essential in these types of games to gain advantages over your competitor. It also comes with an additional USB port which can be used to connect your headphones or other gears directly to the keyboard. It is also equipped with macro control which allows gamers to customize the keybinds for different types of competitive games. Even a gaming mouse can also make a great difference. you can read here about what gaming mouse does ninja use?

Who is Ninja?

Ninja is one of the biggest players and streamers of Fortnite across the world. He has a huge fan following on twitch and youtube platform. His average viewership on the Twitch platform was around 40000+ and around 100000+ when fortnite was quite popular among gamers. Later, He signed a deal with Microsoft and switched to the Mixer platform.