What Keyboard Does TFUE Use while Playing Fortnite?

TFUE is one of the best streamers of the Fortnite Royale Battle game. He is one of the famous fortnite streamers on the Twitch platform. The Gaming keyboard which TFUE uses allows several advantages over the basic keyboard and other players in various ways. There are multiple factors that are taken into consideration while designing a gaming keyboard such as responsiveness, hand-free designs, and other features to make the keyboard handy to play long-game sessions. What Keyboard Does TFUE use?

Turner Tenney, Also Known as TFUE is among the list of best fortnite players across the world. Apart from the streaming of the twitch platform, he also makes youtube videos to showcase his gaming skills. However, many people have accused him of using hacks or cheating tricks in fortnite. Hence, he started posting about his gaming setups and hardware he uses while playing games on Twitter and the Twitch platform. Hence, we can check out what kind of hardware or especially which Keyboard TFUe uses to play fortnite and other royale battle games.

TFUE Gaming Keyboard-Varmilo VA87M CMPYO White LED

Being one of the best Online streams of Fortnite games on twitch, the Average audience TFUE gathers during a stream is around 50,000. Since Ninja has moved to Mixer(Another streaming platform) so we can consider TFUE as the top fortnite royal battle streamer on the Twitch platform. Now let us see What keyboard does TFUE Use?TFUE Gaming Keybaord

When we checked TFUE settings we found tfue is currently using the Varmilo VA87M CMPYO White LED which can be altered and customized according to your requirement. He has used various keyboards over the years which are customized by himself. He has even customized his latest Varmilo VA87M CMPYO White LED with his own set of colors. If you are looking for a keyboard with an OLD-School feel then this is the best keyboard for you. The keyboard has the CMYK colors keys on the bottom. The keyboard is designed with Cherry MX Switches that increase and enhance the responsiveness of the keyboard. The design and structure of the keyboard are quite sleek and effective which makes it easier to handle. It gives a crispy look with LED lights at the backlit and it is also wired that means you won’t face any interference issue while sending signals over Bluetooth. The keyboard is available in two versions: one is with 87 keys for ANSI style and another one is 88 Keys for ISO Style.

TFUE Gaming Keyboard Features TFUE Gaming Keyboard

There are multiple advantages of a gaming keyboard over regular keyboards. However, if you compare this keyboard in the market then the price of Varmilo VA87M CMPYO White LED is around 2-3 times more than a regular keyboard but if you are looking for an ultra-gaming keyboard to enhance your gaming performance and efficiency then it’s worth the price. The design of the keyboard is completely suitable for playing long-game sessions while streaming or playing in tournaments. 

TFUE is one of the best Fortnite royale battle streamers and competitive players on the twitch platform. He has played various tournaments and battle games including the Fortnite World Cut in New York City. Along with this, he has also streamed various competitive games on twitch and also has a youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers. 

So If you wish to compete in the gaming industry and match the gaming standards of TFUE then you must have a gaming Keyboard with effective skills required. You can also check out what mouse does shroud use if you are even looking for a gaming mouse.