Ninja’s Gaming Setup: What Monitor Does Ninja Use

If we talk about leading giants in the gaming industry then Ninja’s popularity holds him in the first place. He is one of the best player of fortnite Royale Battle game and in this article we will discuss what monitor does Ninja use? 

There are multiple factors on which monitors can be differed such as resolution, Input lag, refresh rate, etc which can affect the game. While playing competitive games like Fortnite or Warzone, can make a great difference. Since Ninja has become quite popular among the gaming community. Everyone wants to know about his gaming setup, especially Monitor.What Monitor Does Ninja Use

Ninja’s Gaming Setup and Settings

Of course, Practice and determination are the keys to success but a perfect gaming setup is also quite essential. So, If you wish to become a Pro Player like Ninja then knowing what gaming setup or hardware does ninja use can give you multiple advantages over other players in the game. Just like Keyboard and Mouse, even a Good Gaming monitor can also make a huge difference. 

As we have already mentioned above, Monitors can be differed on various elements and hence it becomes essential hardware while playing competitive games like Fortnite. One of the critical factors of monitors is their reaction time. the response time plays a vital role while playing battle games as if your monitor is even reacting a bit second slower then your competitor will make use of this as an advantage to you. Hence, It is a must to update your Monitor.

Now, Let’s talk about What Monitor Does Ninja use to tackle players in royale Battle Lobbies. 

What Monitor Does Ninja Use?Ninja's Gaming Monitor

Ninja is currently using Alienware AW2518H Monitor, which looks stunning and has full HD-resolution. If you are looking to create a gaming station at your home then this monitor can fill the space. Configuration and specialization of this gaming monitor include 1ms Response time and 240Hz refresh rate that enhance your gaming experience with no input lag and quick response of the actions. The Monitor Comes with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology that ensures no input lag and minimum Display stutter and along with this, it also removes the screen tearing. However, if you are looking for a budget gaming monitor then Alienware might not fit.

The size of this monitor is only 25 inches, so you will not need to make much space in your Existing Gaming Setup. This monitor has a 3.0 audio port, headphone jack, and audio jack to which you can connect the rest of your gears. In the rear panel, you will get the option of custom lights which will enhance your gaming experience. The brightness level of this gaming monitor is 400 nits, which you can customize according to your requirements. 


So this is all about the Gaming Monitor Used by Ninja. Ninja is one of the famous Fortnite players accross the world. He holds various championships and has almost 40000+ viewerships on twitch and around 10000+ on Mixer. With all this, he has also won Fortnite PRO-AM Championship with Marshmellow in 2018 and currently streaming on