Shroud’s Streaming Gears: What Monitor Does Shroud Use?

Shroud is one of the best and renowned players in the gaming industry for his amazing skill and extra-ordinary gaming. Along with his Skills, Shroud is also known for his high-end gaming setup that he uses while playing Fortnite, Warzone, or other Royale Battle Games. His popularity among the gamers is very high and everyone wishes to know about the hardware he uses. Not Even shroud, almost every streamer in this industry is often asked about his gaming setup as people want to make sure that they have the latest and most advanced gadgets while playing competitive games. Using a gaming Monitor while playing games like fortnite or Apex legends can offer multiple advantages over a regular monitor. Hence, In this article, we will discuss What Monitor Does Shroud use while gaming and it’s a specification. what monitor does shroud use

Brief Introduction of Shroud Streaming Setup

The design of a gaming monitor is quite different from a regular monitor. It comes with several benefits that a gamer can avail which include no input lag, better and HD resolution, impressive refresh rate, and also allows users to customize settings of the monitor according to the game types and modes. If you have been playing games like fortnite or warzone on a regular TV or monitor then you are going to experience a great difference. While playing games that require low input lag and a high refresh rate, it is necessary to have a gaming monitor. Now let us have a look at the Gaming monitor used by shroud while gaming.

What monitor Does Shroud Use?Shroud's Gaming Monitor

Shroud is currently using Acer Predator XB252Q that is equipped with NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology and has HD Resolution. The size of the monitor is 24.5 inches, which is perfect for playing different sorts of games. Along with this, this monitor comes with a 1ms response time and if you used to play long session games then this is the best choice as it is designed with eye-straining resistant technology. Two different ports are available in this monitor which can be used to connect other gadgets and gears. The Display Port of Predator can offer upto a 240 Hz refresh rate. 

Who is Shroud?

Shroud is one of the famous streamers and gamers on the Twitch platform. Initially, he got recognized as one of the best CS: GO players and currently, he is one of the best streamers across the world. He also has a youtube channel with over 5 million subscribers and a Twitter account with around 1 million subscribers. After becoming a full-time streamer in 2019, the shroud has played various battle games that include Apex Legends, Fortnite, Warzone, etc. Before becoming a streamer, Shroud used to be a professional CS: GO, player. So if you wish to be a professional player just like Shroud and want to play Competitive games then update your gaming setup to the latest release.