TFUE’s Gaming Setup-What Mouse Does Tfue Use?

If you have recently started playing competitive games and wish to enhance and improve your gaming skills then you must follow Tfue gaming skills and setup. Tfue is famous across the world for his amazing gaming skill in various royale battle games. He is among the list of best Fortnite players and has been asked multiple times about his gaming setup, especially his Mouse. Tfue has a vast fan following over multiple platforms that includes Youtube, Twitter, etc. fans always wish to know about what mouse does Tfue Use?Tfue Gaming Mouse

Tfue Gaming Devices and Settings

The design of a gaming mouse is quite different from an ordinary mouse. The gaming mouse is designed in such a way to provide some additional advantages to the gamers that include low input lag, high response, and complete control. If you are playing competitive games then you need to ensure that you are using high-end gadgets and devices like your competitors to defeat them. In case, you are playing with an ordinary mouse while competing with a player who has a gaming mouse then you will be facing several disadvantages. Let’s have a look at what gaming mouse does Tfue use while playing royal battle games like Fornite or Apex Legends.  

Tfue has participated in various fornite championships and won over thousands of dollars. Even after finishing in 67th position in the fortnite world cup finals, he is recognized as one of the best fortnite players in the world. However, he even made his position in the qualifiers twice. TFUE streams on the Twitch platform and has millions of followers. Now let us discuss What mouse Does Tfue Use?

What Gaming Mouse Does Ninja Use?What Mouse Does Tfue Use

Tfue is currently using AIR58 Cherry Blossom red gaming mouse that is sponsored by Ninja. Initially, when this mouse was launched it got sold out very early and was not available for months. This mouse is considered the best gaming mouse so far. It is considered to be the best Esports gaming mouse and comes with a light-weight of around 58 grams. The mouse is designed in a hexagonal shape with hand-made haiku designed on the scrolling wheel of every mouse. It comes in a cherry blossom red color. Air58 is a corded mouse that provides a high response rate as compared to a cordless gaming mouse. Along with this, it is equipped with a phantom cord which prevents other equipment from getting tangled with the cord. This mouse offers intensive experience and is designed to play long gaming sessions. You can check out the detailed Tfue settings for all his devices and gaming.

Who is Tfue?

Tfue is known as one of the best fortnite Battle royal gamer and streamers across the world. He has played various fortnite championships and also streams live sessions on the twitch platform. He also has a youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers and also gets thousands of viewership while streaming on Twitch. If you wish to become a pro player like Tfue then make sure to keep yourself updated with his latest keybinds and settings he uses while gaming Battle royale games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Warzone, etc. If you also follow Ninja Streaming then you can also find here what headset does ninja Use?